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Today everybody is in hurry they want their work should be done within less time. The same situation we are facing in Tailoring Shop, Customers get irritated due to such wastage of time even it also affects the sales in tailoring shops.The most difficult situation the tailoring shop faces is generating a pattern for latest trend blouses and Chudies in perfect fitting.

. Fashion Dot Software is aimed to manage all the requirements of the individual tailoring shops or Ladies boutique Shop, effective way as it has highly flexible configurations that are capable of meeting customer’s unique requirements.

In Fashion Dot Software the tailoring shop owner can generate reports as per his need; even he can generate a report which contains the complete details of the business within a single report. There is a provision in Fashion Dot Software that it will show alert when items are out of Delivery date or shows the stock of items which you are not Delivered.

For your tailoring shop without cutting a master (or) a fashion designer help’s you can able to generate the perfect fitting pattern within 3 minute. Please see the below shown image.

Our main services

Self Pattern Making Software

With this software, Tailoring known people and tailoring unknown people can open a Tailoring shop and can earn monthly Rs.50, 000 to above 1 lac with a 10 days training from their convenient time.


Blouse Stitching


Chudi Stitching


Tamil Profile



Below Models are Available in our Software

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Advantages and Benefits

" Tailors can get the training for this software through the internet itself. They don’t need to go anywhere. "

“ After the purchase of the software also, tailors can ask any doubts to the company about giving the perfect fit dresses to the customers. ”

“ The software will be installed in tailor’s computer by through internet. Tailors can update the latest models in cutting & stitching. ”

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