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Frequently Asked Questions

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Faq For Pattern Making Software

How this Software Works?
Once the Tailor got the Customer Measurements (for Blouse 10 Measurements and 14 Measurements for Chudidhar), by Entering the Sizes in one Software tailor will get the Printout in the Printer, by using that Printout Pattern Tailor can Cut & Stitch the Blouse and Chudidhar.
What type of printer is required to take Printers?
Any Printer that supports to the Paper Size A2 and it should be in Continuous Computer Sheet. By Economically 136 Column Dot Matrix Printer is Comfortable to take Printout, because it Costs very less Comparing to other printer.
How much it costs to take Blouse and Chudi printout?
According to a Dot Matrix Printer a Blouse Complete printout Costs Rs. 5/- and a Salwar Kameez Complete Printout Rs. 7/- including Power, Paper Cost and Printer Cost.
What type of Technical support will be given by the company?
After Purchasing the Software, Company will give user Manual to operate the Software. In Case of any trouble in operating the Software, user can Contact our Customer care wing and they can solve the Problem. If the user required direct training they can visit our mear by
How it is possible to believe a computer Cutting (Asked by a Tailor)?
If we take accurate Measurements and having Measurements like Body Armhole, Hand Armhole Cross Measurements and other Measurements, Blouse / Chudidhar (Salwar Kameez). Through these Measurements, it is able to prepare the Drawing in the Computer Measurement.
Which type peoples can use this Software?
This Software is useful for Ladies / Gents. Who was having interest to open a Tailoring Shop / Running a Tailoring / Boutique Shop. Basic Tailoring known People can also Cut and Stitch a Garment by our Software Drawing and Training Photos.
How will this Software Install by the Company?
This Software will install in the User’s Desktop / Laptop though the Internet Connection.
What are the system requirements to use this Software?
Please read and can download the System Requirement Details Attached in this Website.
How to see the Demo of this Software?
Make a Call to our Company. Our Company Executives will show the Demo of our Software through internet.
How to see the Trial Fitting of this Computer Drawing?

If any people want the Computer Pattern for your Size, watch the photos, showing How to take your Measurements, by following that method take your Measurements and Contact us in Phone. Tell your Measurement Details and your require Model Pattern. This Trial Pattern is for Rs. 1000/- each one for Blouse / Chudidhar. One Size Pattern will be permittable for One Trial.
What type of training will be given by the Company, to stitch these Computer Drawings?
Through Our Software we can take the Printout of different models in Blouses and Salwar Kameez. Training Photos will be given to the users for each Model. Training Photos will contains methor regarding, How to take Print, How to Cut and How to Stitch and How to see the Trial to the Customer.
How this Fashion Dot Software differs from other Tailoring Cutting Software?
In other Software, To make a Drawing of a Customer Size, we want to fix the Measurements Manually for the Customer Sizes like Neck Cross, Armhole Measurements. And then we want draw a diagram in that Particular Software and should to take Print. But in the Fashion Dot Software, No need to calculate the Measurements and No need to draw the Pattern. Once you enter the Sizes of the Customers you will get Drawing Printout of the Customer Size and you can Cut and Stitch the Garment.
If a Customer Body Loose is 46inches, then how the printer is able to Print this Customer Size?
Even through the Customer Measurement is 46 inch. Also, we will make Cut of that garment by Folding into 4 of that cloth. So we need 4 of that Measurement only. Even for 49 inch Body Loose as 4 of that Measurement is 12.25 inch, then add 1.5 inch for Stitching seem, total is 12.25 + 1.5 = 13.75 inch. In the 136 column Printer, we can feed the Paper upto 15 inches of Width and can take the Printout.